Adopting a Romanian Rescue Dog

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

After adopting a Romanian rescue dog myself I thought I would write an article for people looking to find out a bit more about what's involved with rescuing and how to find out more about the process.

So We've now had Archie for about 4 months and everyday is a new adventure for him - new smells/surroundings, different people and new dogs. Its a lot of work rescuing a dog but ultimately it's the change that's the most rewarding.

Our Golden Rommie was rescued from a Kill shelter after losing half of his ear to another dog. After months on antibiotics he was transported to a UK foster.

Here are some helpful tips below to know before adopting a Romanian:

Do your research

There are so many great rescue centres out there; both abroad and in the UK already working tirelessly to give dogs like Archie a better start in life so its important to do your research beforehand to find out exactly what's involved.

This is one of the most important steps because unfortunately there are a lot of scammers nowadays. Here are some important tips:

  • Carry out some back ground research and speak to people who may have adopted from the same rescue or ask them to provide some references - I would say this was one of the most important steps for us because of the amount of scammers online, especially facebook (#pawprints2freedom had an adopters page that we could join so we could see the 1000s of dogs that had come back and we could keep up to date with their experiences both good and bad).

  • Make sure the dog is/will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flea, tick and worming treatment, as well as a full passport.

  • It's important to make sure they provide rescue back up and also offer continued support for the whole life of the dog.

What type of dog do you want?

Since working at a rescue centre in my early teens I was adamant I wanted to rescue a dog that needed lots of training and care that I could make a difference in their lives. Its important to stress that Romanian dogs aren't your typical UK rescue dogs. They are street dogs... some have never set foot in a home before or travelled in a car so everything is new to them and they need 24/7 care.

Most have never interacted with cats, small animals and children so it's vital to take this into account before adopting.

Pre- adoption form and home check

Whether you've found a dog or are still looking you should fill out an adoption form. Not only does it allow the rescuers to gain some history about your work and lifestyle but it also means they can match you with a suitable dog.

Things they ask: whether you are working and how long for. How long the dog will be left at home for most days. Your daily lifestyle. Prior experience. Family life - children and other pets etc.

After completing the questionnaire you should be invited to undertake a home check. Most of these are usually in person however ours had to be over Skype because of Covid restrictions. Things they look for: Where the dog will sleep, resident pets, the garden and the fencing (Apparently they can even jump over the most secure fencing so this is also important).

Are there any currently in foster?

This was one of the deal breakers for us adopting Archie. So most dogs from Romania are rescued from public kill shelters and put into temporary shelters before they get transported straight over to you, however a select few dogs were lucky enough to seek a foster in the UK so they could spend a few weeks/months in the UK before being adopted.

We found this option suited us better because we could go and meet Archie before committing to any paperwork/fees and I definitely think a lot of the time the dog chooses you. Not only did this give us a chance to bond with him but we could also see how he reacted around cats (We have a ginger tom at home), and he was a brilliant boy! Absolutely fell in love with him!

Adoption fees

Adoption fees vary between each rescue centre but most are in the regional's of £200 - £300. This fee covers any prior veterinary treatment, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and any flea/worming treatment, plus your passport and transporting to location if you aren't picking them up from a foster.

Happy Gotcha Day!

Its the day your furrbaby finally arrives home yayyy!

Now we were very lucky as Archie settled in straight away, playing with all his fluffy toys and he took to us straight away.... we even had a cuddle by the fire on our first night.

And since then we've been inseparable - going on many adventures to West Wales, Brecon Beacons and the Peak District.

Adopting from #pawprints2freedom was the best decision we made and I would never look back.


I'm sure you can tell from Archie's face how happy he is

Keep posted on our next article about the adventures we've been on and how best to settle your dog into your household

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