Terms and Conditions


The client agrees to provide the required honest and full information about their pet to Spring Meadow Pet Care within their booking form. The client must disclose any behavioural issues that may be present or cause negative impact upon the employer of Spring meadow pet care. Behavioural issues include aggression, excessive barking, biting, incontinence, separation anxiety, straying from the owner, phobias and any destructive behaviour.


The client agrees to a free mandatory introduction meeting prior to using the services. This meeting will take place at the client’s residence and allows the client to discuss the services available and expectations required from Spring Meadow Pet Care. It will also allow Spring Meadow Pet Care to meet the pets(s).


The client agrees to provide access to their address at the pre agreed times so that Spring Meadow Pet Service can collect/drop off your pet(s). If the client is not available to meet Spring Meadow Pet Service at their address, then a key to their house must be provided. Spring Meadow Pet Service agrees to only use the key for pet services and no other purposes. The key will be kept safe and secure so that no one else has access to it and no other copies can be made. If requested the key can be returned straight back to the client. If the key is lost whilst in the possession of Spring Meadow Pet Care then a replacement will be paid for by Spring Meadow Pet Care.


You agree to the delivery and collection dates/times. If you are unavoidably delayed, you must contact Spring Meadow Pet Care straight away to discuss alternative arrangements for your pet(s). Times must be adhered to because Spring Meadow Pet Care may also have other bookings in place that day. Any extra service costs as a result of the delay must be paid immediately upon returning.


If the pet(s) attacks a person or another animal resulting in injury to the person or animal, the client will be responsible for any expense occurred as a result of the event, including veterinary fees for the injured animal caused by the client’s pet(s).


During medical emergencies, Spring Meadow Pet Service will contact the client and emergency contact as soon as possible. We will use our best efforts to ensure the pet’s normal Veterinary Surgeon is used wherever possible. In emergency cases the client authorises Spring Meadow Pet Care to seek veterinary services at the nearest veterinary practice. The client is responsible for all veterinary services costs in accordance with the clients wishes as explained and signed in the veterinary release form.


Your dog will be walked on a harness and a lead or on equipment that the client supplies. If the client is happy for the dog(s) to exercise without a lead/run free then they must ensure they sign an off-lead disclaimer where the client agrees to accept responsibility for any accidents, injuries or loss caused to their dog or another dog.


The client must ensure that sufficient food and supplies are provided during pet sitting for their pet(s). The client should also inform their Veterinary Practice that Spring Meadow Pet Care will be looking after their pet while they are away/working, and a veterinary release form must be signed. If any veterinary fees are paid by Spring meadow Pet Care while the owner is away, they must reimburse Spring Meadow Pet Care immediately.


If for any reason the carer is taken ill due to ill health or a serious accident the client must accept that emergency cover will be arranged for their pet(s). Spring Meadow Pet Care will make every effort to contact the client’s emergency contact to sort alternative arrangements.


In any event of a fire, flooding, break-in or similar occurrence Spring Meadow Pet Care will contact the client straight away. If we are unable to get through to the client and the event is at the client’s home then the client agrees to allow Spring Meadow Pet Care to take the necessary action including repairs to ensure health, safety and welfare is maintained. The client agrees to reimburse Spring Meadow Pet Care for any costs/repairs carried out.


Spring Meadow Pet Care will ensure that it has in place valid insurance, including Public Liability Insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the property, house contents and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the agreement.


Spring Meadow Pet Care will not be responsible for any damage caused to the Client’s property or possessions or that of others caused by the Client’s pet during the period the pet is in its care.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all Pet(s) are vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas before commencing pet care/walking at Spring Meadow Pet Care. Vaccinations must be up to date before any booking is commenced.


The client must ensure Spring Meadow Pet Care is kept up to date with any changes to the pet’s health, routine, behaviour and care via email, website or a handwritten note.


Spring Meadow Pet care will charge the Client for the Services as quoted in the Booking Form (the “Fees”) and the Client agrees to pay the Service Provider the Fees, promptly when they fall due. Should any payment within the agreement remain unpaid for 7 days after it falls due, Spring Meadow Pet Care will be relieved of their contractual obligations under this agreement to provide the Services until such time as payment is made.


In the event of the Client cancelling the Services, the Client agrees to pay the Spring Meadow pet Care a fee equal to:

100% of the Fees if the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours of the scheduled service;


In the event of Spring Meadow Pet Care cancelling they shall arrange alternative services to a similar quality, refund any fees paid for the Services; and provide 24 hours’ notice, or if 24 hours is not feasible, for example in a sudden event or emergency, notice as soon as it is reasonably possible.


No dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will be accepted for pet services. Dog hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 (e.g. Wolf Hybrids) will not to be accepted for pet services. Entire males and bitches in season or bitches due to be in season during the agreement will not be accepted for pet services


In line with the Data Protection Act 2018, Spring Meadow Pet Care will ensure all personal data is treated with confidentiality.


By signing below, the client authorizes the signed contact to be valid for any future services. Meaning Spring Meadow Pet Care can accept future bookings from the client without further signed contracts or authorisation.